Thursday, October 17, 2019

See word Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

See word - Essay Example Team building exercises help in the development trust among employees. Trust and effective will help eliminate baseless arguments the workplace. Instead, employees will focus on helping each grow as professionals. The overall team productivity is bound to increase. The other factors that might result in profitability after corporate retreats are motivation and familiarity. Employees get to know each other, which benefits the whole team. Employees feel motivated because the company cares for their wellbeing. Motivated employees mean increased output. 2. There are several ways to build effective and encourage teamwork. First, one can organize a meeting for all employees. The meeting can be done with the workplace. It will provide an opportunity to brainstorm on how to improve the company. It is a chance for employees to familiarize with fellow employees. Alternatively, the company can simulate tasks that require teamwork and choose teams to participate. The winning team can receive credits in the form of gifts. The key is to emphasize the importance of teamwork. These alternatives can achieve the same objectives achieved by corporate retreat. In addition, they are much cheaper compared to the cost of corporate retreats. 3. The company can find the best place to fit employees that lack athletic ability. For example, employees that lack athletic team can be part of the team involved in formulating strategies how to win. In addition, the organization can organize exercises that do not demand too much athletic ability. Employees who perform poorly in the athletic activities will feel left out. One is likely to feel discouraged and alien to the team. The team building will drive the poorly performing employee to avoid being with the team. It will separate the individual from the team. Therefore, the organizer must find a way to include the individual in other games. 4. Advancements in

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